Whoppers and Popcorn

Sunday, November 26, 2006

i'M baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

has it really been THAT long since my last post? well I am sorry about that. But I must say, as much as I missed you all, I really enjoyed my little(well sorta) break.

It has been filled wth many things, jobs, camp, movies, my 16th Birthday(among other things.

CAMP- was GREAT three days filled with nothing but FUn,Food, and AWESOME christian Fellowship!! It was really nice to just be able to chill with kids like me. I didn't have to worry about what I said or did. A very sweet, sweet, weekened.

MOVIES- Pirates of the Carribean 2, yeah I know, about time huh. But my special movie theatre didn't get it till a couple'a weeks ago soooooooooooooo........... ummmm, Oh I saw
"The Illusionist" Absolutely SMASHING movie, I would seriously consider seeing it, IF NOT BUYING IT!!! "One Night with the King" another EXCELLANT Movie, good sets, good actors, good everything!!

JOBS- I have decided that getting up and 4:50am three mornings a week so that people can exercise is quite possibly one of the most worthless things I have ever invested my time in. But on the upside, I get to do a little swimmig before I start. So I tone up a little too, and OI keep semi-healthy through the holidays- If it is possible to keep "Semi-Healthy" through the holidays. But I had a BLAST doing swimming lessons. THe kids were so cute, and I enjoyed working with them.

My 16th Birthday!!!!- HEh, I finally made it!, and It was a Fun "Milestone" to make. I had to work (Compliments of the other guy that had musical practice and couldn't work) I was a little worried at first, thinking I would be missing my birthday, all the people that stop by(I have a halloween b-day, and doing stuff with my family, but they all brought my Birthday to me!!:) It was a TON of FUN!!! My really sweet neighbor guy and his wife baked me a cake and had it dropped by. Then my family sent me roses, and all my "babysitting Families" stopped by to show me their costumes, and I had candy for them. Then After Work(i got off at 6pm) I went home to have supper with the family, we had Hot dogs, chips, beans, potato salad, and cake. am I wierd or waht, but that was what I had a craving for!!;o)

HOLIDAYS- For Thanksgiving we drove FROM MINNESOTA to TEXAS. Yeah, lets jsut say it was a loooooooooong trip. And that whole Family bonding thing, didn't really happen:0)

Well They're coming up, oh joy. ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,h!!!! Another year is almost over, can anyone else believe it?! I am working on finishing up the homemade gifts, and

WARNING-I am going to buy some gifts online-WARNING

I am so nervous about this. Is that silly or what!? I will definately be posting pictures of them though(the homemade ones and the internet ones)

SPEAKING OF THAT- We got a nice new camera, so posting pictures will be a ton easier!! YAY,YA,YAY,YAY,YAY.

and last but not least, they are playing Christmas music, LET THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN!!!!


Monday, October 23, 2006

Die to self, live for Lobster?

What am I doing? I say nothing, just eating......... Whoppers and Popcorn!!
So woody, has been at a again.......................LIFE

bad news to start with yes, I FAILED my written PERMIT TEST!!!! very sad, but I can take it again this Thursday, LETS HEAR IT FOR STUDY!!!!

But in other news, Swimming lessons are going good!!!! (the cute guys help;o)


This last Saturday we went to this haunted house thing with some friends, it was good!! I HAD A TON OF FUN!!!! THe whole time there are these people that just walk out at you, and it is like, you know they are coming, but you don't at the same time


So We are all running, and screaming, and yelling, and laughing at the same time.....................yeah, it was all good.

GOOD NEWS!!! I will be 16 in like 8 days!!! I am nervous, and excited at the same time.

I am getting a membership to the gym. Starting in November!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! They have a student membership, $35.15(with tax) a month, and you don't have to sign ANYTHING!!! I guess we will see just how dedicated I am, huh!!

I need to buy a walkman, where do you guys suggest I buy one from? ANYWHERE BUT WAL-MART!!!!

well thats it, except that Neemund didn't pick a song, so "Film KId" gets to pick one!!!!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Why hello there little man!!!

What am I doing? I say nothing, just eating......... Whoppers and Popcorn!!

Yes ladies and germs it's that time of the year again!! and the sad thing is I missed it!!!!

MY one year anniversary, and in honor 0f that, we are going to put my rather embarrasing, and pathetic first post up.

(~~~~~~~NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~ blogging will resume to normal tommorrow, and I will post the winners!)

Well, nevermind, after reading my "First Ever Post" I have decided NOT to post it. It was rather embarrasing:o)

So Good news of course

LOST SEASON 3 STARTED!!! and for those of you who are not currently addicted, THIS IS A BIG THING AROUND HERE!!! It is realllly good, honestly, I dont know how they are going to stretch it out over five seasons, but I CAN'T WAIT!!

I started swimming lessons. They are going reallly good!! In LEvel 2 I have a girl who can't keep her bikini top tied straight, and in level 1 I have a kid who is convinced half the time he is a monkey. Oh yes, it's grand!!

And best news of all!!! WE HAVE A NEW WINNER!!!!


Yup, I must say I was rather dissapointed in all of you, that hardly any posted on something nice they did for someone!!

BUT THEN NEEMUND CAME THROUGH to save the day, I only wished I had'a been there!! Darn! Well you know the routine, pick a song/video, I post it, you win!!

Monday, October 09, 2006


So I hope this video made your day as much as it made mine!! it's funny how the little things in life seem to make life all the better!

So This is your new Assignment- YOu are going to do somehting, that will

"MAke someones day"

Whether it be a hug, putting candy on someones pillow, leaving a note in a lunch box, it doesn't matter.

IT can be a brother or sister, parents, relative, or some total stranger.

What I want is for you to tell us what it was you did, and what the reaction(if you were there or heard about it) was.

I am going to do this too!

Whoever has the best "DAy MAker" and whoever has the "BEst REaction" will be the winners! So LEts GO!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EDIT(add on)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Okay.........guys............you misssed the point!!!!

I read, and watched some interviews of the guy. He said he traveled abroad, and when he came back, he realized how unhappy, and busy everyone looked. So he started walking around with this sign, and you know what, it made people happy!

Because just like all of you they thought-


and that made them smile, then they told all their friends, and it made them smile! And then when someone actually felt sorry enough fot this guy to give him a hug, it made instead of 5 people smile 10 people smile!!
and then they all went to work, and told everyone that someone actually hugged the freak!! So that made them laugh!!

Then there are the people that are bad off(homeless, unloved, friendless,lonely) people, and instead of shunning them like the rest of the world, he accepts, them, and he does more than that, HE SMILES AT THEM, AND HUGS THEM!!!

it isn't about him, the whole thing is about making people, smile, letting go of self. Be nice, and giving a hug, to people, who maybe wouldn't, or couldn't get that from someone else!

besides, the music is AWESOME ;0)

and REMEMBER, this has been another FRIENDLY reminder from you blog administrator

:) :) :) :)Didn't it make ANYONE smile!!?? :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ahh the beautiful morning!!, and a title please?

WEll Blogging Friends! I am in a bit of a plum right now! I cannot put the "MOST AWESOMEST SONG EVER" On my blog, so I will have to go with the 2nd Best song! I hope you like it!

Some Russian Pop Artist, we have Britney Spears they have him. Now why does that seem unfair?? His whole little "Routine" is a bit on the straaaaange side, but who cares!!! IT IS SOOOO COOL!!!!! and his voice is rather interesting!? Anywho, I am now the winner, because ONCE AGAIN NO ONE caught on. So this contest will continue, till someone figures it out.

and now I am Off to Scrapbook! This should be good? ;o)

Hav a most wonderfully Lovely day!!!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hmmmmm, There is no more Pooh, Any Title Suggestions?

Okay I must make this Quick,

I am taking Drivers Ed, Possibly giving Swimming LEssons, Working, piano, Babysitting, and I also HAve to do School work! (have no idea why I have to do that!?;)

So I guess the point I am trying to make is, IF I'm not around that much, doin't worry, I am not-

A> Dead

B> Going back on my Solem Vow


C> Totally ignoring you guys

I am just toooooo busy.

So right now, I am eating Moldy carrots, and MY dog is barking to go out, I prolly SHOULD NOT ignore that!! So gotta go, I will have a much morrrreee detailed post, hopefully by Friday, if not earlier!

HEre is the Latest WInners SOng, I DID NOT PICK IT, she did.

There , my duty is fulfilled, and next post, I am the winner, So I will put up some music!!!

Till then,

Love, Woody!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

There is none

I suppose I need to post again?

How bout tonight?